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Creating Equity at RICE

At RICE we believe that all individuals have the skills to lead and get the job done. We are an organization built with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. We believe that everyone’s unique culture matters and that they can all thrive in society.

Our staff members share their thoughts on what brings them joy when working at RICE.

“Working at RICE has been an amazing journey for me, as I feel motivated. Every day I am learning new things from a very experienced team. Personally, to me, working here is an honor because money is not everything for me. I think respect is more valuable than money. I received respect from my Brothers and Sisters here at RICE. We are not just a team, we are a family, when I wake up in the morning, I leave my home and I come to my other home at RICE. Because of the environment that is created by everyone here, I love my job.”

  • Mohammad Asif Haidari, Outreach Coordinator

“I feel happy everyday coming to work helping Refugees and Immigrants listening to their amazing stories. People who come into our office see me as a sister, a mother and therapist. I love working at RICE because it is an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. We help them with the services that we offer, and we get to see the smiles on their face.
I feel we are the best team that works together helping other people. This will help us to achieve our goal to be the best nonprofit organization.”

  • Lena Madini, Office Manager

“Working at RICE has taught me a lot about patience and thoughtfulness. I have been working at RICE for 7 months now and every day I understand the value of helping people in need. The most important thing is the joy customers have after they receive help from us. Seeing customers happy also brings me joy.”

  • Seraphine Aziza, Empowerment Coach

“RICE finally gave me the opportunity to be a decision maker and implement my coaching style working with others, my creativity to solve problems and my passion for impact. I can do all these things now without any unnecessary barriers in the workplace. This is the embodiment of true equity.”

  • Dominic Braham, Executive Director